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About Smart Resume Services

Smart Resume Services is a global provider of expert writing and career services. We write tailored job application tools to make your quest successful. It’s not a clerical or a virtual assistance service.

We take pride in giving a wide range of tailored job application tools to students and working pros from across all fields and levels of experience.

Yes, Smart Resume Services guarantees you’ll get an interview within 60 days from sending your application to firms. If you didn’t get a single interview in this period, contact us at once, and we’ll edit your resume free.

We want you to invest your time wisely. You must prepare and focus more on worthwhile activities to hone your skills and make your job-hunt successful. Let our knowledgeable and proficient resume writers create your job application tool!

Hiring Smart Resume Services writers is your best practical approach to landing interviews and getting a job. Our experienced staff already knows the language of hiring managers. They can create an effective resume for you with the right content and format that will grab the interest of your prospective employers.

Smart Resume Services offers products that will support your proactive job search strategy. Here are the reasons you should turn to us for help.
  • You can reduce your overhead costs by as much as 50%. Hiring resume writing services from the Philippines is more cost-effective as we charge lower rates compared to firms from other countries.
  • You can save time and money because you don’t have to deal with the hard and time-consuming task of producing your resume.
  • You can empower yourself by doing new activities that will make you more productive as you wait for the final outcome of your application.
  • You get other job search tools that will give you a bigger chance of finding more employment opportunities.
  • You get expert analysis and perspective on what to include and exclude in your curriculum vitae.
  • You get real help in identifying and measuring your achievements that are so significant in building your professional identity.
  • You gain the assurance that your resume is readable, understandable, and well-targeted to the demands of potential employers.

About Hiring Professional Resume Writers

Almost all successful job experts and recruiters have one common view about resumes and CVs. For them, these are key tools that will increase your personal campaign and lead you to your dream job.
In writing resumes, job applicants face three challenges:
  • the need for good calculation skills;
  • the difficulty of telling the major qualities and accomplishments needed for the target job; and
  • the need to sort what to include and exclude in the resume or CV.
Since, a job application tool must be brief and impressive, it’s always a struggle to add skills, accomplishments, and work experience to a two or three-page document.
Almost anyone who’s serious about his or her career but seldom holds the skill to morph experiences into outstanding writing, need a resume or a CV writing service. Entry-level, college students, pros, new graduates, and government job seekers should see why it’s important to hire professional resume writers.
When you don’t have the skill to create an effective resume or are caught in the hurdles of looking for job openings, hiring expert resume writers can bring positive results. Their knowledge can highlight your skills and accomplishments to make you qualified and valuable for the post.
Smart Resume Services trains professional resume writers who deliver real and earnest services. We have a huge pool of dedicated and able Filipino talents who can create high quality and cost-efficient job application tools. Our team holds more than five years of professional experience and, thus, has knowledge on recruitment and its essentials.

About the Process

First, decide on the service you need. Ask yourself if you want to have a basic resume to send to private firms. Do you need a tailored government resume for a federal or civil service position? You may discuss your concerns, too, over the phone with our career specialists at 1-800-xxx-xxxx or have a LIVE chat with one of our agents. Likewise, you may check our services here.

For a more detailed description of our order method, visit our “How It Works” page.

Our writers are experts in their field. So whoever handles your project, you’re sure to get the best writing service.

You’ll get your final draft in your e-mail. It’s in MS Word and PDF file formats. Since some employers may ask for other formats, we can give you your needed file type, pending your request.

If you wish to make changes, we’ll do them free, until we get to the final draft. Yet, if the revision involves matching another job or updating your 12-month-old resume, such will be a separate order and, thus, will require another payment.

Although we haven’t received any request for major changes yet, we’ll consider your requests and aim for your satisfaction. We’ll work on the revision in a given time until we meet your expectations.

Unlike other resume writing firms that disclose their clients’ resumes to job and resume banks, Smart Resume Services doesn’t do this. We promise to keep your identity and data private and confidential all the time.

We know you have sensitive data to protect such as your social security number, home address, phone number, and e-mail address. Thus, when you get any of our service, we’ll make sure to handle all details with utmost security and efficiency.

It’s the core value of our team to guarantee your satisfaction and the reason we assess your skills and highlight your qualifications well. Through this, we can make an impressive resume that meets the requisites of a job or an employer. In the course of creating your resume, we welcome discussions, so you’ll get a better view of how we craft a smart resume.

Of course, we will. We built a good relationship with you, and we’ll support you as you look for a job. You can always call us if you need help in your job hunt. After you land your new job, we’ll still be here to help you maintain your personal branding. Then, we can work again to keep your tools updated.
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