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Rise above the wave of the competition. The key is a well-written resume and Smart Resume is here to help you. Let our smart writers highlight what you can bring to the table and be on the lead of your job search hunt.
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Demonstrate career anecdotes and credentials. Impress employers in one document.
Detail your work history and write them an overview of your professional attributes.
Summarize your career history, write a unique statement, and connect with employers.
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With our smart writers, each job application tool is tailored to your career goals that deliver great results.


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We craft resumes that comply with the current standards in writing.


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Frequently Ask Questions​

On your resume, you must include your job history, educational background and earned credentials, a career summary/objective, and contact details. A few other pertinent information are also included. Certain details, on the other hand, should not be disclosed to employers because it can expose you to discrimination.
One-Page Resume: If you’re new to the job market and don’t have a lot of experience, a one-page resume would probably suffice. Two-page resume: If you are new to the job but you have career accomplishments or technical training, then a two-page resume may also be right for you. Three-Page Resume: A three-page resume is acceptable in certain situations, although it is uncommon. Academic positions, such as professorships, typically require a CV rather than a resume. Many parts not included on a typical resume, such as publications, are included in a three-page resume.
Keywords on a resume are also known as the skills or specific job duties that hiring managers look for in a candidate. Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to digitally scan and sort for the first round of cuts. These programs work by searching for certain keywords and phrases in the text of your resume. Even if your resume is scanned first by a hiring manager, keywords can be critical to their decision making.
When proofreading your own work, it’s easy to overlook mistakes. Hence, hiring a professional resume writer is a smart decision. Furthermore, professionals are up to date on the current resume design trends to help your resume stand out visually. Your writer should request a copy of the job advertising so that they can assist you in creating a resume that is suited to that position.
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