How It Works


How it Works
We know you don’t want any more trouble in getting your job application done. Hence, to serve you better, Smart Resume Services shows you how it works. Get closer to your dream job by following our 4-step method!


Pick the writing service that best suits your job hunting need. To sign up, go to the Services page and click the “Start Now!” button of the product you want. In the order page, fill in the form and pay for the service. You‘ll get an e-mail confirmation after we receive your payment. In addition, one of our customer service reps will call you to discuss the service agreement and other details on your order.

Send-In Your Information

After payment, your agent will then send you a questionnaire you must fill in with needed details so your writer can make the first draft. In the same way, you can give him or her the specifics or instructions at this time.

Wait for your first draft.

After getting your questionnaire, your writer will review the details you gave and may ask you more questions on your work background. Further, your writer will finish the first draft and send you the copy to have your approval and feedback.
final docu2

Get your final document.

After approving the draft, you’ll get the final copy of your job application tool in MS Word and PDF formats. Further, contact and apply with prospective employers.
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