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Land Your Dream Job through Singapore’s 2018 Model of Recruitment

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Are you aiming to find a job in Singapore? If yes, brace yourself for the fast-changing workforce that awaits you in the Lion City. The trend focuses to boost “technology and talent” as the tone of Singapore’s job market. Firms are aiming to mine greater value straight from people and technology. Trades will zero in on progress with the aid of contractual labor. However, most first-rate workers hold a chance to land a stable role. Now, some of you may ask, is there really a chance to land jobs in Singapore in 2018?

Landing jobs in Singapore in 2018 inside its beautiful city

Jobs in Singapore in 2018: Is it a Job Prospect?

Singapore’s economy continues to grow and exceed their 2018 outlook. This results to more job openings in Singapore and more opportunities for you to hook. However, the catch is, most firms and hiring forces dig to make most of talent value and technology. These trends hint firms to modify employment. With growth as their main goal for 2018, gripping their costs is also their main agenda.

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Five Hiring Trends in Singapore 2018



    One of the hottest trends in Singapore job market this 2018 is the use of contract based staffing. Contracting is an appealing option for firms mostly demanding industries. This allows them to filter talents that will fit the given projects. Short-term roles allow workers to work with quality based on their given tasks. Flexible contracting complements the fast moving trends in Singapore. Relevant skills cater more output resulting to positive outcomes. Lastly, workers with notable work carry the best prospects to land a stable role.

    Technology (AI)

    Technology is the paramount factor in Singapore’s job market. Employers maximize the use of talent value while technology serves its own purpose. Artificial Intelligence or AI will support industries in short-listing possible employees. Jobs in Singapore in 2018 accelerate the hiring process. Machines will play a major role in screening CVs, resumes, and in filtering applicants.

    Soft Skills

    While AI screens CVs with relevant skills tailored for projects, soft skills also share the center stage. Firms aim to dig deeper and extract soft skills from entrants. Job hunters must show soft skills and knowledge in technology. Therefore, if you’re a job seeker, make sure to see past the job title and climb extra heights.


    Singapore job market in 2018 strongly profess to hire applicants based on skills rather than gender, in particular. Though it is still a trending topic in Singapore, firms enforce to establish gender equality in the hiring process. As it sets, this year’s hiring trends in Singapore prioritize skills and knacks.

    Find and Engage: Singapore’s New Model of Recruitment

    Powered by technology, the updated hiring process drifted in an approach called “Find and Engage”. Unlike the traditional model, this uses ads to attract job seekers along with its elements playing with technology. Technology will interpret the hiring process using analytics and online data to track potential workers suited for a project. It’s one of the most effective keys to pick workers fast. The “Engage” part opens the door for the companies to grasp the candidate’s personal career outlook. This is another example of how Singapore manages to use technology as a hiring tool.

What Is the in Demand Industry across Key Sectors in Singapore This 2018?

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Information Technology Skills

Singapore’s market industry demands for workers packed with business and auditing skills. However, Information Technology skills are today’s most sought-after career in Singapore. Singapore’s government strives to strengthen bond in technology to build a keen nation. Technology, as part of their growth, drives the recruitment market for 2018. As a result, IT skilled workers and professionals remain in high demand in all major industries in Singapore.

What Should You Improve to Secure Jobs in Singapore in 2018?

What job seekers must focus on is to hone and flourish their skills and talents. Hiring forces look for workers who can help with the business’ growth. You must show resiliency in adapting fast changes and trends. Make sure to create a striking cover letter and a resume that will save you a post in any job openings in Singapore. Moreover, presence in social media is another supreme key to land jobs in Singapore in 2018. Soon enough, more contract-based jobs will pile up to give you what you need.

Do you think your resume can’t keep up with the hiring trends in Singapore this 2018? Our resume experts can help you!

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