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Ways to Ace Top Interview Questions with an Australian Employer

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Do you fidget while waiting for your scheduled interview? Maybe you’re playing scenarios in your head about possible queries you may meet. Therefore, better worry but stay focused. What’s tricky part in hiring is the job interview. Further, the most common interview questions may look simple and vague. However, many applicants lose their chances of landing a job just because they misjudged these basic questions.

Today, Australia posts a wide scale of job prospects. Hence, how can you win an interview? One key is to master answering the most common interview questions. Outlined here are top 10 common interview questions from an Australian employer.

10 Most Common Interview Questions Asked by an Australian Employer

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Interviews differ in approach. Besides, you can have it formal, informal, or even less tensed. Australia values local experience and culture. Listed below are the possible interview questions you may face with an Australian employer.

1. Can you tell me more about yourself?

Don’t tell your whole story with this question. No matter how short and simple this question is, start by introducing yourself. State your name and stop right there. Your employer doesn’t need info already given in your resume. Then again, tell who you are by highlighting your skills, focusing on your experience, and expressing how you’d love to get the job.

2. What prompted you to apply for this job?

This question squeezes out how you target a job. It gives your employer a hint you want the job for certain reasons such as career growth and not because you need it so much. You can answer, rather, by saying you want the vacant post because it will give you an opportunity to develop your skills and grow in your career.

3. Do you have any idea about the company?

An employer asks this question to gauge your knowledge about the company. Learn about the firm and its products and/or services. Likewise, this will show how you initiate working on your own.

4. Why work for us?

With this question, an employer wants to learn how committed you are to the job. Answer this question, rather, by telling how excited you are to share your skills and offer to contribute to the company’s success.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A tricky question used by most employers, this one tells how you can contribute to the company’s growth. Don’t brag about your strengths because it may kill your hiring chances. In particular, give at least three strengths in line with the job application. For weaknesses, state one you can defend by saying you can still overcome it.

6. Have you accomplished something you didn’t know you could handle?

In answering this question, tell the employer how goal-oriented you are. In the same manner, giving a situation you thought you couldn’t finish and then explain how you solved the problem. When you answer the question, your employer will see you as a fighter, not a quitter.

7. What do you like/dislike about your former job?

This question defines how you fit the vacant job. Hence, to answer this common interview question, state only what you like about the job. However, if the employer insists to find out what you dislike about your former job, pull through by saying you dislike the feeling of wanting a challenge. Otherwise, tell your employer you aim to develop your career and step out of your comfort zone.

8. Why must we hire you?

This query asks you to highlight your best qualifications for the job. Hurdle this, rather, by giving at least three of your best skills, aligned with the job qualifications. An Australian employer wants to see how and what you can contribute to the company.

9. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

An employer asks this question to assess how you’ll develop yourself and your career. For example, tell the interviewer about your promotion as reward for working hard and contributing to the firm’s success. Mention the strong relationship you developed with your co-workers. In addition, this shows you value culture and work ethics important to Australian employers.

10. How much do you think the position pays?

This common interview question determines if the company can afford to hire you. To answer, you can state your maximum and minimum wages.

How to Prepare for an Interview with an Australian Employer

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1. It won’t hurt to do a little research about your target company because this adds to your chances of acing the interview. In particular, the most common interview questions sometimes depend on your knowledge about the company and its culture.

2. They say practice makes perfect; hence, spend time training how to respond to interview questions. Face a mirror and train yourself with the most common interview questions. As you become familiar, you ease the tension in your thoughts.

3. Whether you’re a foreigner or a citizen, ask another person for secrets he/she can share with you in acing a job interview.

4. Study the Australian culture. Chances are a few habits and behaviors are different. Therefore, pay attention to your attitude if you’re from a foreign country.

5. Above all, if you have a scheduled interview, plan. In addition, prepare what you’ll need, so you won’t stumble.

Groundwork is key if you expect to ace an interview. Practice answering the most common interview questions beforehand to avoid spoiling your chances. Preparing yourself assures you of getting a job in Australia.

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