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Selection Criteria and the Effective Ways to Address It

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Are you seeking for a particular job in the Australian government? If you want to stand out, you must comply with the given selection criteria and compose well-written responses in your resume. But what exactly is this Australian job selection criteria and how can you address and ace the answers? Read on and discover.

Selection Criteria and Its Importance

As defined by the University of the New South Wales (UNSW), “the selection criteria for a position is a list of the essential and desirable skills, attributes, experience, and education which an organisation decides necessary for a position.”

Resume experts determine selection criteria as a set of unique job qualifications that serve as the counterpart of the United States’ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities narrative (KSA). The Australian government uses these standards to screen job seekers and find ideal applicants that will match their job requirements.

KSC Application Kit and Other Requirements

Public offices, universities, and even private firms that require Key Selection Criteria (KSC) responses often list application kits on their website or attach it to the job post. Career FAQs state that these kits often include all or any of the following:

• an overview of the department or job
• an application form
• instructions
• the selection criteria
• duty statement
• other information (OH&S procedures)

Selection criteria responses can be attached on a different document or included in your resume. Most internet sources state that responses should be on a separate sheet while other resume experts include the answers on the latter part of the resume. Hence, be mindful of the instruction stated in the job ad.

Tips on How to Address Key Selection Criteria

Selection criteria responses in resumes are crucial in job applications, especially for public service posts. Job seekers should meet these standards to pass the first screening. Unable to satisfy the criteria will kill your chance in landing initial interview. Thus, experts from the Victorian government suggest you to heed these tips on how to respond effectively to Australian job selection criteria.

1. Review the job posting and grasp all necessary details of the KSC and job description.
2. Save a copy of the job ad for easy reference.
3. Highlight the keywords per KSC and assess how you qualify the requirements.
4. List and describe how you are going to meet the KSC requirements using the Situation-Action-Outcome approach.
5. Summarize your list into 60-120 words and repeat the steps for the remaining KSCs.

Selection criteria responses require full attention to details and a deep understanding of the job post and guidelines. Let our resume experts boost your chances of landing your dream government job. Check out our services page to know how.

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