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7 Effective Tips on Writing a Resume for Singapore-Based Jobs

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Are you a professional looking for a job in Singapore or SG? Or did you send a profile summary already, but Singaporean hiring managers declined your application? Assess your resume. Below are guidelines to note in a writing a Singapore resume when applying for a job in Asia’s Lion City.

Singapore Resume Dos


1. Tailor your piece to your target post.

A common practice among candidates is they apply with every available job, even with the ones they don’t qualify. Yet, if you’re firm and optimistic, you can take on a different role. So, go for it! Ditch your generic resume. Tailor your copy based on the job requirements, so recruiters will understand what you want and see your relevance. With this, it’s best to put a career tag right below your resume’s header.

2. Take care in choosing your word/language.

Singapore is a multi-racial country. Hence, you shouldn’t dare break the social or cultural norm with your word or language choice. Find out which English vocabulary (British or American) is native to the place to show you’re familiar with it.

3. Add keywords.

With the many applications received each day but too little time to assess them, many hiring managers will just skim your copy or use automated tools to scan them. Therefore, your piece must have buzzwords to make it relevant and to help you make the cut. When the recruiter presses the Ctrl+F buttons, and your paper doesn’t have the right keyword, it may end up in the shredder.

4. Include references.

Put 2 or 3 references, such as former bosses, who know you in person and/or as a professional. Then, instead of making it a section, attach it to your resume. With your name on top, list your referees’ names, home addresses, and contact details. Who can be your references? Those who support you in your job quest and endorse you by way of a reference letter.

5. Write a cover letter.

Whatever post you intend to fill in, be sure to send a cover letter along with your Singapore resume. Further, you can explain or discuss your qualifications in the letter. Likewise, it’s useful when you’re making a switch, but you can’t mention it in your copy.

Singapore Resume Don’ts


1. Include basic computer skills.

An industrialized nation, Singapore is home to the most techie individuals. Hence, it makes no sense to say you’re skilled in Microsoft Word. It’s like saying you can breathe. Instead, list what skills you know others can’t do.

2. Limit your resume to one page.

This assumption is baseless because no rule limits job seekers on the length of a resume. Do it and you’ll end up using small-sized fonts or adding less detail! In fact, its length depends on your trade and experience. What’s important is you show a comprehensive copy, so hiring managers will see your qualifications—even if it takes 2 or 3 pages.

Effective Singaporean resume writing tips

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