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10 Fastest Growing Industries in Australia You Should Check Out

healthcare - one of the top 10 industries in australia

Great news for all job seekers out there! If you’re in Australia or planning to visit the country for greener pastures, now is the best time. Its labour market continues to get better in the next five years. To guide you in your job search, here’s the employment projection and the top 10 industries in Australia that you should check out.

Top 10 Industries in Australia: Employment Growth and Projection

According to Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP), employment is projected to increase in 16 of the 19 broad industries in the country. Below are the top 10 industries in Australia as well as their employment growth and projection from May 2017 to May 2022.

Top 10 Industries in Australia Employment Growth and Projection

1. Health Care and Social Assistance

As the population grows and ages, healthcare and social assistance will continue to be one of the most booming industries in Australia employing over 1.5 million people. Expected growth in employment is more than 250 thousand or 16.1 percent in five years. There are more female than male workers and part-time work is common. University degree and vocational education and training (VET) is needed.

Industry includes:
– Ambulatory Health Care Services
– Hospitals
– Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
– Social Assistance

2. Retail Trade

Retail trade ranks second in high-demand occupations in Australia employing over 1.2 million people. Expected growth in employment is more than 45 thousand or 3.7 percent in five years. Part-time work is common and jobs don’t require post-school qualifications.

Industry includes:
– Food Retailing including Supermarkets
– Motor Vehicle, Parts, and Fuel Retailing
– Other Store-based Retailing

3. Construction

The construction industry is a large employing industry with over 1 million employed Australians. Expected growth in employment is more than 120 thousand or 10.9 percent in five years. There are more male workers than female ones and part-time jobs are rare. More than education, young workers, apprenticeships, and traineeships are the main requirements of this field.

Industry includes:
– Construction Services
– Residential Building Construction
– Non-Residential Building Construction

4. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

The expected employment growth is over 126 thousand or 12.5 percent in five years. Most jobs are full-time, located in capital cities, and require a university degree.

Industry includes:
– Legal and Accounting Services
– Veterinary Services
– Computer System Design

5. Education and Training

The expected growth in employment for this field is over 116 thousand or 12 percent in five years. Most jobs require a university degree, but lower skilled jobs like Teacher’s Aide can provide an entry.

Industry includes:
– Preschool Education
– School Education
– Tertiary Education
– Other Education

6. Manufacturing

Though expected to experience employment layoff of over 38 thousand or 4.2 percent in five years, manufacturing still ranked sixth for the jobs of the future in Australia. Most workers are men. Most of them are full-time employees but part-time jobs is becoming a trend. Most jobs require VET and apprenticeship is a common entry point.

Industry includes:
– Food and Beverages
– Petroleum and Coal
– Polymer Products
– Machinery
– Furniture

7. Accommodation and Food Services

More than 97 thousand or 11.2 percent is the expected employment growth in this sector in five years. This industry provides good entry-level and part-time jobs making it an attractive option for young people who wants to work and study at the same.

Industry includes:
– Hotels
– Motels
– Cafes
– Restaurants
– Take-Away Shops
– Bars and Pubs

8. Public Administration and Safely

This industry’s expected growth in employment is 75 thousand or 9.3 percent in five years. Most jobs require either a VET or a university degree. Some jobs are male-dominated and part-time work is rare.

Industry includes:
– Federal, State, and Local Government Administration
– The Defence Force
– Services like police Force that Enforce Rules and Public Order

9. Transport, Postal, and Warehousing

The expected growth in employment for this industry is more than 40 thousand or 6.5 percent in five years. Most of the workers are male and employed full-time. Opportunities for lower workers are also present with almost half of all workers not completing post-school education.

Industry includes:
– Road Transport
– Rail Transport
– Water Transport
– Air and Space Transport
– Other Transport
– Postal and Courier Pick-Up and Delivery Services
– Transport Support Services
– Warehousing and Storage Services

10. Other Services

This diverse industry’s expected growth in employment is more than 12 thousand or 2.5 percent in five years. There are many full-time job opportunities for young people and most jobs require apprenticeship or traineeship.

Industry includes:
– Laundry
– Hairdressing
– Day Spa
– Funeral and Religious Services
– Car Repair and Maintenance
– Other Machinery Repair Services

Knowing the top 10 industries in Australia can help job seekers like you to identify and choose a job that is in-demand and relevant to your qualifications. For more details about the future jobs in demand in Australia, visit our blogs page.

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